Safety Hat Helmet shape antistress

Safety Hat Helmet Shape PU Foam Stress Ball Benefits for Antistress 


Item NO.: BCb-144 Safety Hat Helmet Shape Stress Toy

Product Size: 8.5x7.2x4.5cm


The hard hat safety helmet shape stress ball make a fantastic low cost promotional gift. Ideal for construction companies, manufactures, builders merchants and showrooms. This hard hat stress reliever is a great way to build up your brand name and a fun way to get your message across. We have a stress shape to suit almost every industry. Browse our website or call one of our friendly sales staff today who will be more than happy to help deal with your stress ball enquiry. Stress reliever meaning and have been medically proven to improve blood circulation, relax muscles and joints and as the name suggests reduce stress, do you want to make a stress ball. Funny stress relief ball uses for kids, children and adults, also can be promotional stressball toys for antistress.