Apple Keyring shape stressball

PU Foam Apple Keychain Shaped Anti-stress Toy


Item NO.: BCb-244 Apple Keychain Stress Reliever (4.5x4.5x4cm)

Product Size: 4.5x4.5x4cm


This anti-stress apple keyring is a fruity way to de-stress! Our range of fruit shaped stress relievers will give your new and existing customers a healthy appetite for your brand, products or services. All our stress shapes can be branded in up to full colour. Perfect for promoting grocery stores, markets and healthy eating. Stress reliever meaning and have been medically proven to improve blood circulation, relax muscles and joints and as the name suggests reduce stress, do you want to make a stress ball. Funny stress ball uses for kids, children and adults, also can be promotional squeeze ball toys to relieve some stress.