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Eco-friendly, Budget Friendly and Cooperation Friendly


1. Brand or Logo Promotion use

  • A stress ball is a replica of just about any item, it is made of high quality squeezable pu material.
  • An idea marketing tool because of its low cost and higher impact as a way to give a symbol of your message.
  • Stress relievers make great promotional products. These inexpensive, high quality items can be custom imprinted with your organization's logo, slogan or anything you want. Customers love them, whether for stress relief or just because they are so cool to collect.
  • A simple giveaway is a great way to increase customer loyalty.
  • Our stress relievers are budget friendly and they are the perfect branded product to promote a company, organization, product, service, achievement, or event.

2. Medical and Health use 

  • Simply squeeze the stress ball to release tension and get the blood circulating into your hands. The squeezing action has a number of effects on the body including improvement of blood circulation, the relief of muscle tension by relaxing muscles and joints and the promotion of sleep.
  • Many people will find that when they are going through a period of stress they feel the need to do something with their hands. Stress balls are a cheap alternative to the incessant hand movements that some people find annoying. They can be squeezed over and over again until you feel your nerves calming down because most are made from materials that regain their original shape when they are not being squeezed.

Over the years promotional stress balls proved to be classic marketing tool and an affordable marketing instrument that fit any budget. There are so many shapes, colors and print options available now. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that you'll have a fun and affordable promotional item that is perfect for your target audience.