Fruits Squishies Series PU Slow Rising Squishy Toys


  • Really realistic looking, sweet smelling, you will be pleasantly surprised at how slow rising this squishy is!
  • Material: PU Foam slow rise, eco-friendly. 
  • Super cute design, scented like foods and fruits, it is super fun to squeeze these squishies.
  • Perfect for a table, office desk, or kid's room. Everyone will enjoy staring at this super soft and super squishy!
  • Great hand pillow for a computer mouse, or great for display.


Product description


Different Uses of Squishies: Kids' Toy / Bag Pendant / Stress Relief Toys / Home, Desk, Kitchen Decoration / Vent Emotions/ Finger Rehabilitation Training / Simulated Toys / Collections / Teaching aids.
Feeling: soft /squishy /scented / slow rising
Pattern: Cute Squishy - A Creative Gift For Kids

-All the product in our company will be QC tested strictly before delivering to our customers.

Why you need a Squishy?

You will get release when you pinch it.
You will get a lot fun when you play with your kids.
You can exercises to strengthen the finger knuckles without injury. Do it to help relieve strained.
You can use it to decorate your house, your kitchen, office, coffee shop, etc.
Some can be a Bag pendant---The best decoration for your beloved fashion bags.
The lifelike looking makes it great for learning about the food and fruit, encourage your children to play imaginatively and creatively.
Also a great choice as a gift for your friend.
Nobody can refuse this cute kawaii squishy.
Do you want it now?


The squishy is inedible. Please be careful not to let your lovely children eat it.
The material is soft, too hard pressed or pulled will damage the product.
The product may smell slightly, which will probably dissipate in a few days.