sling yoyo stressball
Sports Balls Sling YOYO shaped stress pictures

Sling Yo-yo PU Foam Sports Balls Shaped Stress Reliever Toys (Basketball, Soccer Ball, Baseball, Tennis Ball and Golf Ball)


Item NO.: BCs-130101 YOYO PU Stress Sports Balls

Product Size: 6.3cm, or as requested


These fun low cost bounce back toys will keep you entertained time and time again. A great advertising tool, ideal for kids and adults. These sling yo yo sports balls (Basketball, Soccer Ball, Baseball, Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, etc.) combines an element of fun and value for money. We would be happy to send you a sample free of charge to assist you with your decision. Stress reliever meaning and have been medically proven to improve blood circulation, relax muscles and joints and as the name suggests reduce stress, do you want to make a stress ball. Funny stress ball uses for kids, children and adults, also can be promotional squeeze ball toys to release stress.